Type of wire used for automotive HID lighting?

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Thought I might ask here on the chance some of you may be familiar with
the wire in question:

Basically I'd like to modify the harness going from the ballasts to the
spot lights, preferably minimising any connectors between ballast and
lights, then cover in some protective conduit (currently not possible to
do neatly with existing harness).

What I don't know is the correct name for the wire in question (looks to
have silicone based insulation), or that of the connectors used - also
where to buy the bare wire, connectors and any special tools (if required)?

I'm aware that the length of this wire is important - but not clear on
what is too short or too long!
If anyone has any advice and/or know where I can find a good tutorial on
the subject, I'd very much appreciate it.


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