Tinned copper wire

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I'm having a great deal of trouble obtaining bare tinned single strand  
copper wire in 30AWG  or around 0.2mm diameter. I need it for perf board  
prototyping. 30AWG wire wrap wire works but it wastes time stripping the  
insulation off, plus it wastes money too. Cat5 cable core is not tinned  
and also too thick.
RS does not have, Elephant 14 does but with their usual exorbitant  
postal costs, Ebay vendors who have it are in the USA and also have  
expensive postage.
Anyone here who uses the stuff and can tell me any sources?

Re: Tinned copper wire

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8 amp household fuse wire for lighting circuits? Get it from
Coles/Bunnings etc.

Re: Tinned copper wire
On 2/11/2017 9:29 PM, Fred Smith wrote:
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I never even thought of that and if I had I would have assumed it was  
copper alloyed with all sorts of weird elements that compromised  
solderability. But I Googled a bit and discovered that household  
fusewire is usuallly just tinned Cu. Looked in fusebox and found a card  
of 8amp and it does indeed measure 0.2mm. Looked on RS Components again  
and found that tinned copper wire is there all right if you put "fuse  
wire" in the search box. $20 for 700mtrs which is a lifetime supply.  
Thanks very much!

Re: Tinned copper wire
On Fri, 03 Nov 2017 07:11:28 +0000, Andy Wood wrote:

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I got a box of Z80 CTC chips by putting my hand at the wrong time at an  
aution. Land filln.

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