The main systeM

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The ideas of what a - "1's or compatible mains systems is" is in fact a
common thread in & of the operations of what we in fact see & seek in that
all the ideas inters are in fact a simple collaborations of the sub-atomics
MAINFRAMER supers core. Simple

Re: The main system

The main system protocol; is three in advanced.
1) How to define the system at whole.
2. How to work within the program>
iii. Advanced engineering as in a new type of engineer possibly called a
Quada, as the engineers think they are Dr.'s now, see Toyota's or something.
Embarrassing EH?

Electronics is a Genius type of strategy protocol as desiGned by systems of
intent to alter & register in the ideas of what a particular system's intent
is in the ideas of what we in fact need to see & structure as in the
operations of what we in fact need to coordinate as in the ideas of what -an
operations is.-

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