Tektronix TDS3BATB Recall

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Hello all

In the way of large organisations Tektronix have issued a recall
notice on their website dated the 28th of October then forgotten to
tell their customers. <grumble, grumble>  I even rang the Tektronix
service manager at VMS here in Brisbane (the Tek website says to send
them to VMS) and he knew  nothing about it. <grumble, grumble,

Anyway if anybody has a TDS3BATB (battery for TDS30xx or TDS30xxB
oscilloscope) full details of the recall are now available including
an address to send them to under the "Latest News" section on our
website. http://www.boughen.com.au .

If you just want the tektronix version without Australian return
http://www.tek.com/service/safety/tds3000b /

And for all those interested I still can't find a video of one of
these batteries catching fire and burning a Tek scope up.  I live in
morbid hope that some Tek engineer in the USA might let it escape.

L.E. Boughen & Company

Re: Tektronix TDS3BATB Recall

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Hey, just found a circuit to check the clock on your CRO:


Don McKenzie

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