Surface Mount Microprocessor

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I am cosidering using a surface mount microprocessor for a project. It
isobviously tiny and has 128 pins - 4x32 on the four sides.

I'm not particularly rapt in the idea of soldering at this pitch!!

Does anyone know of any socket adapters which will take pinouts at this
pitch and adapt them to a more amenable pitch?

The other alternative is that the 128 pins also come in a version of ball
contacts on the bas of the chip.

Does anyone know of a socket which adapts the ball contacts on the
underside of the chip to a more amenable pitch for soldering?



Re: Surface Mount Microprocessor

we do have the QFP/PQFP128 TA023 Socket Adapter, 128 pin, 0.80 mm pitch

Is it suitable for you ?

Patrick Cheung
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