Slightly O.T. memories

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Re: Slightly O.T. memories
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thanks for the link. I worked there for about 3 months as a young PMG technician
in training, in 1960 I think it was.
somehow I thought I would find it with google street view fairly quickly, but
things change in 50 years.

Was it on the corner of william and lonsdale street?
I remember a whole string of satellite broadcast studios in old houses running
down the hill along lonsdale street.

on the same page at youtube, there is a listing for a video of radio lyndhurst.
I was there for about 3 months also,
around the same year.

Cheers Don...


Don McKenzie

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Re: Slightly O.T. memories

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Broadcast House *was* on the corner of Williams and Lonsdale Streets.  In
1994, ABC Radio moved into its current building ("Southbank") on the
corner of Sturt Street and Southbank Boulevard in South Melbourne.  The
Victorian County Court now occupies the old Broadcast House site.

The old Radio Australia building was a few doors down Lonsdale Street
towards Spencer Street, on the opposite side of the road to Broadcast
House.  Later, Radio Australia moved to a purpose-built site in East
Burwood.  Radio Australia also moved into the Southbank building around


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