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Run Linux in Browser [Qemu Javascript Emulator]
Author: Tarandeep Singh on May 17, 2011

We often use emulators like Qemu, Virtualbox, VMWare to virtualize another
Operating systems on a different platform.

Qemu is popular and open source emulator that lets you virtualize nearly any OS
on any other OS. Qemu has now been
ported to a new platform: Browsers. Most modern browsers like Chrome 11 and
Firefox 4 can run this javascript based
Emulator making it possible to run an actual Linux in your browser.

The code is written in pure Javascript using Typed Arrays which are available in
recent browsers. It was tested with
Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 11 on Linux, Window and Mac. It doesn’t work with

This PC emulator is written entirely in Javascript. The emulated hardware is:

     32 bit x86 compatible CPU
     8259 Programmble Interrupt Controller
     8254 Programmble Interrupt Timer
     16450 UART.

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