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Re: RIP Bob Pease
"Jim Thompson"  wrote in message20%

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It might not have been a heart attack or stroke, as diabetes can also =
impaired mental function, blurred vision, and other effects that could20%
explain an accident such as this. Either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia =
cause major problems. Also significant may be the fact that Bob was late =
the memorial event and he was in a highly stressed state. I don't know =
his not wearing a seat belt contributed to his death, or if that was =
for him. However tragic, and whatever the cause, it was a blessing that =
died instantly and did not suffer.


Re: RIP Bob Pease
On Jun 22, 10:47A0%am, Jim Thompson <To-Email-Use-The-Envelope-I...@On-> wrote:
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Look closely at google maps above.  It appears that if you're not
expecting the sudden 160deg turn, you'll do exactly what the Mercury
News described: sail across the winery driveway and hit a tree.  (I'm
assuming I have the correct spot here, and he was coming from the
south.)   At that location, I wonder what the warning signs and
guardrails look like.  Or if there are any.

We don't have google earth here at work, so I can't check whether the
highway was downhill at that point.

How would one access the accident records for a location?   Find out
whether it's a "death curve" or not?

Re: RIP Bob Pease

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Since this occurred in calif. you could start with "TASAS" in a search
engine.  But this is not on a State highway, you would use this to
find/get to the local accident databases.

Re: RIP Bob Pease
On Wed, 22 Jun 2011 22:08:52 -0700, josephkk

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This IS NOT a high speed road (I've been up there eons ago).  Pease
was an experienced driver.  And has lived that area for how long?  I
just doubt that the situation caught him by surprise... but a heart
blockage can... BTDT (July, 1998).
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Re: RIP Bob Pease

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  How about you fuck off and die, jack-off.  I have been in this group
for nearly twenty years.  You are merely an interloper, at best.  And
your mouth makes you nothing more than a retarded pussy.

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Re: RIP Bob Pease

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Damn.  I used to bicycle then drive that part of Pierce Road frequently.

Re: RIP Bob Pease

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   Indeed.  A sad week, with the loss of talented men with a good sense
of humor and who willingly helped others learn electronics design.

It's easy to think outside the box, when you have a cutting torch.

Re: RIP Bob Pease

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Good Lord!  This could almost get me started thinking like a conspiracy
theorist!  It is just too much!


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