replacement batteries for old appliances

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I've just purchased a replacement Li-ion battery for my 8 year old Canon  
powershot G3 from a digital camera outfit, to prolong the life of what is an  
excellent piece of kit. Does anyone know whether these old model battery  
packs might be of recent manufacture, or more likely to date from the  
cameras era? If what I've purchased is around 8 years old, any idea on how  
much capacity it might retain?  

Re: replacement batteries for old appliances

"Bruce Varley"
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** You have heard of Wiki ?

" A Standard (Cobalt) Li-ion cell that is full most of the time at 25 C (77  
F) irreversibly loses approximately 20% capacity per year.[citation needed]  
Poor ventilation may increase temperatures, further shortening battery life.  
Loss rates vary by temperature: 6% loss at 0 C (32 F), 20% at 25 C (77  
F), and 35% at 40 C (104 F). When stored at 40%-60% charge level, the  
capacity loss is reduced to 2%, 4%, and 15%, respectively.[citation needed]  
In contrast, the calendar life of LiFePO4 cells is not affected by being  
kept at a high state of charge.[47] "

....  Phil

Re: replacement batteries for old appliances

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Bruce, I'm reading that as "how much of the original capacity will it
now store" rather than "how flat is it likely to be out of the box".

In that context, many internet sources repeat useful life urban myths
about "N cycles" (and that should be zero o-o-t-b) or X years"
whichever happens first.  Ain't all true.

Deliverable capacity deteriorates as a function of SOC and temp, but
cycle life is anywhere from 500 to >1000 depending on how much of that
SOC/temp has been accumulated.  Cameras are a less hostile environment
thermally than say laptops, but I have here a laptop battery from
datecode "9637" that still delivers an hour's runtime vs the original
2.5-3 hours.

As your new pack is fresh from the pack, its SOC will be zip if it is
NOS but once charged it should be capable of storing/delivering close
to new capacity.

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