Recall - Remember my crackling Sanyo Microwave combination Oven

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Seems it was more serious than Sanyo thought.

In any event, the good wife has been back to Target who didn't
know anything about the recall althought they were apparently
the sole retailer of this model combination oven, got her refund
and bought a Panasonic (notwithstanding that Sanyo have been a
subsidiary of National Panasonic for several years now).

 There has been a  recall with  reports that one Oz customer was
hospitalised after being electrocuted.

Recall details here:

UK News story here: /

Sanyo recall microwaves over electric shock fearsSanyo
microwaves recalled due to safety fears
26 January 2012

Sanyo have recalled almost 20,000 microwaves because they gave
electric shocks to three owners in Australia and there are fears
the affected machines could potentially cause further electric

One Sanyo customer in Australia was hospitalised after receiving
a severe electric shock and two other cases of minor electric
shocks have been reported, also in Australia. The microwaves
affected are the Sanyo EM-C8787B UK2 and the Sanyo EM-C8787W.

 The electric shocks are caused by production failures which
were missed by Sanyo's inspection procedures. On the microwaves
that have given customers shocks, metallic paint on the control
buttons came into contact with live areas within the microwave.


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