Re: Who owns a GPS?

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Ah there's a key piece of info - you're using post-paid services. My phone
(Nokia 5500 - it does have GPS support but not using built-in hardware) is
on a prepaid service since it's only ever used for calls and the odd text
message. Gave up on 'mobile' web browsing when I had a post-paid plan but
dumped it due to the lies continually purported by Optus when they
continually tried to dupe me into signing onto a contract plan.

I bet people in the USA laugh at the shite our telco's try to pull here, but
then again 'density' of mobile phone usage/ownership is massively higher
there so costs to provide the services are massively lower on a per-user

BTW I've got a Blutant talkpad installed in each of my cars to do all the
handsfree in-car stuff over Bluetooth and they're brilliant devices. Jabra's
bluetooth engine that Blueant uses is quite a powerful piece of kit for what
it does.

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Re: Who owns a GPS?

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**The GPS is free. I pay for 'phone calls and other services. That is all I
care about. My 6110 costs me EXACTLY the same price per month as my previous
'phone, which lacks GPS. I now have GPS capability for free.

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