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Re: TV fuse


The fuse should be checked with a meter, I have seen fuses fail inside
the end cap, and still look "ok" through the glass tube.

** Ditto.

If it is blackened - then you will probably find the replacement will
do the same too, as shorted out swichmode chopper transistors or
Horizontal output transistors are a common fault and will usually
provide a dead short across the mains.

** AC supply fuses in TVs and PC monitors are normally required to pass the
huge current surge associated with the *de-gaussing  coil *   - this can
easily be 30 - 40 amps peak all on its own  !!

Combined with the initial charging surge of the filter caps in the PSU makes
life pretty damn hard for a  puny  20x5mm  maybe 2.5 to 4 amp  "T"  fuse.

Also, if the degaussing thermistor becomes damaged by repeated switch on
cycles -  the same AC fuse will blow.

The more service jobs I see, the less simple issues relating to AC fuse
failures become.

.....   Phil

Re: TV fuse

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God dammit man, we're not talking toasters here.


Re: TV fuse

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Do not replace the fuse ! Use a suitable length of aluminium or brass
pot shaft which is a perfect fit and 'meant' for the job. If you replace
the fuse it will just blow again, but if you do as directed the parts
causing the fuse to blow will become obvious by smells and smoke signs.

Re: TV fuse

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Don't go giving him all the professional tips.

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