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I've found that rather unusual for all the Jaycars I have visted. They
usually at least know what the basic components are and where to find them
in the catalog instantly.

People like to talk about the "good'ol'days" when service staff at the likes
of DSE and Jaycar knew their stuff, but some of the most clueless I've ever
met were in the very early 80's. They always slip through the cracks.


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Re: Service?

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I'd agree, most Jaycars that I have visited have been staffed by
reasonably knowledgeable people, there was one other assistant there,
but he was trying to sell a wind generator maybe he was the resident
expert. Possibly things will get better, the shop has only been open a
month, but I suspect they hired on sales experience rather than
electronics knowledge.

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In the "Good ol'days" I rarely went to Dick Smith et al, there were
enough local dealers who knew their stuff and sold at better prices than
DSE or the others. Unfortunately, they have gradually disappeared over
the years.

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