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you could try they have silicon and polyurethane compounds
etc, outlets in most states


Re: Potting Compound

:Anyone know of any cheap and readily available potting compound, or
:something that will do a similar job?
:I used to work for a company where this stuff was literally on-tap, so
:never had to source it myself for home use until now.
:I know Farnell have a whole range, but it can be expensive, and not
:convenient and quick to get (e.g. this weekend).
:Jaycar and Altronics have potting boxes, but no potting compound by
:the looks of it.
:This is for an underwater app.
:Any solutions from the like of Bunnings perhaps?
:I've used hot-melt glue on occasion for quick'n'dirty jobs like this,
:but not for underwater apps, where I suspect it's not going to be any

Wacker Chemicals RT710 is a general purpose one part room temperature curable
silicone sealant for electronics applications.

The Aus website is not fully operational but you can contact them to find
availability. /

Re: Potting Compound
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Thanks for the replies, good links for future reference.
For those playing along at home - I got a tip-off that Bunnings did
have some stuff called "Diggers Casting and Embedding Resin" along
with the matching catalyst ($18+$5) for 500g. Located in the glues and
sealants section.
Worked very well, sets completely crystal clear. Starts setting in
about an hour and 12 hours for full hardness. Very runny and flows
around components and wires well.
I used plastic disposable food plates from Coles for my mould and
these just peeled away very nicely after it was set.

Waterproofness? fully encapsulated - yes. In my app with the wires
penetrating the outside - only time will tell.

Very useful stuff.


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