Re: - experiences / shipping costs?

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David, I'm curious how they size PTH's.  I've been burned in the past trying new
suppliers on a job, only to find their approach and my expectation differ and I
get useless boards.

For a hole shown as say 32 thou, some fabs drill 32 thou (or their nearest 0.1mm
size up) and then plate down, so the final hole is almost invariably less than
32 thou.  Others allow for the plating build and oversize the hole accordingly.

Their chineselish KB/FAQ at %

"What are your standard hole sizes? Are they finished size (after plate) or
drill size (before plate)?
Our standard drill tooling size is from 0.5mm to 6mm with 0.1mm step increase,
we have no extra cost for more drill tooling. You could indicate hole size with
finished size (after plate) that we will consider plating and select proper
drill size"

Have you worked out what they *actually* do?

Re: - experiences / shipping costs?
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I have not actually measured the holes I've got, but based on expected
fit, they are near enough to my specified finished hole size.

They (not so) clearly expect you to provide a finished hole size, as
the majority of manufacturers do.
After Chinglish translation I think you'll find that "You could"
should be "You should" in the stated paragraph.


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