Re: Get best Testing And Tagging in Melbourne

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<bullshit removed>

In actuality...

All work carried out by N G Safety is hurried, improvised and dubious at  
best. They are unreliable, lack even the most basic of electrical and  
testing knowledge, and about as professional as a McDonalds employee on  
their first day at work. They comprise a single staff member who rarely  
answers his 'phone, and when he does, is utterly unintelligible. Written  
communication is also ruled out by his illiteracy. Nick Gligs is entirely  
unqualified for this job and should be avoided at all costs if you at all  
value your time, money and wellbeing. He's so useless that he'd have  
difficulty in tagging a dead body at a mortuary, let alone tagging  
electrical equipment. About the only thing he's good for is giving money to  
Indian spammers.

Bob Milutinovic

Re: Get best Testing And Tagging in Melbourne

"Bob Milutinovic"
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** ROTFLMAO !!!!!!!!!!

The T&T racket is dodgy at best and criminally fraudulent at worst.

A *false sense* of security is the only tangible benefit and that is none at  

Ranks right up there with the roof batt fiasco, the PV industry and wind  

Plus the purest insanity of banning ordinary light bulbs and ultra safe,  
reliable transformer power supplies.

Proves that once you make one utterly absurd idea into law, it opens the  
flood gate for all the others.

....  Phil

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