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Oh well

"Greatest Mining Pioneer of Australia of all Times"
I have received recently from my friend Jacques Philippe in Perth
( Australia Capital of Crime ) the last piece in that puzzle haunting
me since 37 years :

... and this was the fact that Senior Minister Julian Grill, my friend
and the Hon Evans, late WA Attorney General 's friend,  who was to
press for a Royal Inquiry on the Newmont / Newcrest & BHP Mining
Criminals 'robbery of Narla & Day Dawn Mining Companies'
shareholders , was in fact on the Mining Criminals 's black pay
roll ... and this is why Grill is a millionaire now as well as
Lawrence, Court etc

Just a small reminder that the Newmont / Newcrest & BHP manure did not
peg any claims in the Great Sandy Desert,  but had Narla do the job,
so as to sever the connection with Jean-Paul Turcaud ... & the year
following after 800 000 quids of exploration by Narla the Telfer
show,  was "passed" as of no value for 15 000 quids

I have benefited from 3 major inputs which I was not able to find
myself, & hence to understand what really happened :
1) from the Hon. T.D. Evans obtained by the CIB ( muzzled then by
Court ) that millions were paid underhand by the Mining Criminals to
the Narla Directors

2) from the President of Australia Mining Prospectors,  Bob Sheppard,
that Newmont was on a joint venture in Kalgoorle  with Anglo & Western
Mining Corporation (now BHP) which both compnaies  I led to the Great
Sandy Desert major show with 1 ton of huge gossans samples brought
back by Anglo party, 500 kg brought back by WMC + a hundred pounds
submitted direct to Newmont manager Bill Brook by myself initially !
This is why then Day Dawn Cie,   with  Thomson & sundries,  came to
the scene to sever then the credit connection to Turcaud ... allowing
Tyrwhitt & co to claim discoveries over 37 years now ( although the
Mining Manure in the Great Sandy Desert officially gives 71 as the
date of discovery of Australia Largest Copper & Gold Mine, Telfer
Remembe the most famous " I have spotted the site from the air and
landed near by in the Desert to take samples " of the Tyrwhitt
shit ... a citation available in "Desert Gold" , the offical book of
the Telfer Mine discoery by the Mining Manure !
(Telfer,  named after that mongrel dog of Telfer who granted 1100
square km of reserves to the Mining Manure...although  what they
wanted was the 2400 kmē of the whole show explored thouroughly by
Turcaud,  but Telfer & Court told them it would be granted later ....
as well WMC jumped on Nifty & CRA on Kintyre without credit to the
original discoverer Turcaud

3) from Jacques Philippe who told me of that latest development where
Grill & former WA Premier Burke are brought to Justice to answer for
their financial Crimes

So the affair is closed as far as I am concerned, I have had all my
answers for Australia,  that Land of Bastards and definitive
country of debased Toads  & manure indeed, it can continue to
celebrate his Pioneers & other fraudulent & inexistent  Pioneering
spirit ! ... we know what to think of it !

On the positive side, a Fantastic Drought  which I required indeed is
laminating that filthy country,  home of the awful Convict Rabble &
other type of  degenerate morons : THE HELL ON EARTH  !

I am bowing out of the terrible story NOW, having piecing one by one
all its element together .... and of course I need no honour from the
Antipodean rabble, hence the definitive removal of those Australia
Sir  & Australia Mining Pioneer worthless titles

No regards

Jean-Paul Turcaud
Exploration Geologist & Offshore Consultant
Founder of the True Geology

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