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Re: Desoldering Fitting for Soldering Iron
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Well it works with leaded solder, but lead-free stuff (even doped) on a
double sided board won't budge. I tested it on 14pin DIP ICs by holding the
boards in a vice while prying the chips up from underneath with a small

I used some copper tape designed to be put around pots to stop slugs/snails
(sold as "slugga") on the pads to make them conductive. It takes quite a
while to tin something like this...

Tried it with a Remington S3500 I got from an Op-Shop (same model as used in
the above webpage). Next step would be to see if I can make it get hotter, but
Annoyingly I can't figure out how to take it apart, I got all the screws out
that I could find and removed one of the heating pads, but the inside plastic
panels are still held on somewhere under the hinge.

I also bought about six other hair straighteners and curlers (they were all
either one or two bucks), but the other likely candidates have screws in
particularly inaccessible places, so I haven't been able to begin getting
into them.

So in the end it works, but only with leaded solder. Annoyingly the 40pin
ICs I originally wanted to salvage are on a double sided board with lead-free
solder, but at least I have a method I can use in the future.

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