Powerful LED flash for smartphones

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Powerful LED flash for smartphones
November 26, 2010

The new Oslux provides brighter and more uniform light across the entire
illuminated surface. With its compact
dimensions it is perfect for modern low-profile cell phone and smartphone
designs. Press picture: OSRAM

Researchers from Osram Opto Semiconductors have developed an LED chip that makes
it possible to offer smaller pocket
projectors, vehicle headlights, and cell phone camera flashes. In combination
with a new package the new UX:3 chip is 50
percent brighter than the precursor package. In combination with an optimized
lens, the light is much better
distributed. The chip is used in the Oslux LED, which is therefore considerably
more efficient at high currents than
previous LEDs and is impressive for its very high luminous efficiency over a
small area.


Cheers Don...


Don McKenzie

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