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Re: Ponder this.
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Not enough to turn me anti-wind, but indeed worth pondering.

I wonder whether they would have any noticable effect on fire
behaviour due to the effect on wind patterns?

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Re: Ponder this.
On Sat, 06 Oct 2018 01:46:03 +1000, FMurtz wrote:

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Sounds like the one guy(wrote both papers) with an objective under the  
guidance that if you can not dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle  
them with bullshit.

From what I've read, he is saying if you cover 1/3rd of the USA(to  
replace existing generation) in windfarms, then you'll raise the  
temperature by 0.24degrees Celcius. Woopee-do, they have already raised  
the temperature by average two degrees celcius from the activity of their  
airlines. there was an interesting news report after 11-09-2001 when  
average temperatures had dropped by two degrees when all the airlines  
were grounded.

I wonder what the figure is for the reduction in thermal pollution from  
coal, and other forms of thermsl generation.

When an paper includes crap like this; ?For wind, we found that the  
average power density ? meaning the rate of energy generation divided by  
the encompassing area of the wind plant ? was up to 100 times lower than  
estimates by some leading energy experts,? said Miller, who is the first  
author of both papers." you know they are desperate for a point.

BTW, a 1.5 degree warming of night has probable piqued the interest in a  
few farmers trying to grow crops that suffer from periodic frost damage.  
this should help the wind energy companies lease a few more farms.

Re: Ponder this.
news18 wrote:
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You beat Trevor to the punch  :)

Re: Ponder this.
On Sat, 06 Oct 2018 19:43:12 +1000, FMurtz wrote:

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Nah, just been reading a few related reporting sites recently. Renewable  
energy has been going quietly abouts its business and a few of the fossil  
heads are getting a bad shock. When you get a major energy retailer  
saying they no longer think in the concept of base loads and they are  
planning on idling their coal power station during the day time, you know  
the game is changing very fast. Plus the fact that renewables are signing  
long term contracts at prices better/lower than aged coal plants ever  
can, things have changed. If i had spare capital ATM, it would be going  
into battery manufacturers.

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