Phantom power video camera module

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Can a 12V video camera module be phantom powered over the signal line
with a couple of bipolar caps in series at each end of the line? Will
DC ripple cause a noticeable effect on the picture?

Re: Phantom power video camera module

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   Polarized are OK, but it takes several caps in parallel for decent
video response.  You also need  a couple inductors to inject and remove
the DC from the coax.  Just remember to put the plus side of the caps to
the coax, and the negatives to the camera and monitor.  A low ESR 1500
uF capacitor, and at least 16 volt rating, plus a .1 uF in parallel
should work ok.  If the fine detail is missing, add a .001 uF in
parallel to the other capacitors at both ends.  The inductors should
have a SRF well below 60 Hz.

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