Person required for Eco appliance development

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I have had many customers contact me over the years, and I privately try
to line them up with someone who can assist them.

This has become more difficult as time has passed, so I decided to throw
this one to the aus.electronics newsgroup. If this appears successful, I
may point all new work at this group.

Please email me direct (Support Email address) with a few details about
yourself, and I'll pass these details on.

Cheers Don...

Hi Don,
We're currently developing several eco-appliances that will have
electronically commutated DC motors and the obligatory AIs, DIs & DOs +
comms etc.

We are keen on the µChameleon:
for development of such prototypes in our Melbourne lab.

We do however need a smart and economical person (young or old) to work
on our developments part-time. What we're doing is in many ways
revolutionary for the appliance market (we could show you 3D CAD models).

We're located in Ferntree Gully 3156. It would be great (but not
essential) to find someone in the outer East.
Thanks & cheers Warren . . .

Don McKenzie

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