Malcolm Turnbull : Why the NBN will fail

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Malcolm Turnbull : Why the NBN will fail
17 Aug 2010

"According to industry expert Grahame Lynch, the taxpayer contribution to fast
broadband in Singapore was around $200
per person. In New Zealand it will be about $330 per person. In contrast,
Laborĺs extravagant plans will cost Australian
taxpayers at least $4000 per household."

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Don McKenzie

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Re: Malcolm Turnbull : Why the NBN will fail

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In other words probably $8000 per TAX PAYING household....  since its
likely that 50% are on welfare or pensions of some kind, and won't be
paying it as they don't pay tax, and on top will probably get a
subsidy for their connection. (So yours will be more expensive to
cover that subsidy also).

It won't be a straight $8000 either, it will probably be borrowed over
20 years or so and the amount repaid with interest will be more like
$20,000. The big banks who fund both political parties will make a

On the other hand, I don't trust Turnbull. He consistently wants to
push a "carbon tax" despite the whole thing being a fraud and ripoff,
and has big bank connections to boot, who would rake it in if this
were ever to pass.

Another interesting point about all of this is the matter
of providing local power to a fibre network - assuming we are getting
rid of the copper to each home.
Even people with a home phone only will need to power a modem, and
phone at their end - and to keep the thing working during blackouts, a
backup power supply will also be needed.

Even if its 12v @ 1a (typical plugpack) per connection it adds up to a
substantial load even in the average street.

Currently the home phone draws basically nothing unless its in use
where it draws very little & is exchange powered at all times. This
can run indefinitely during a power failure without anyone losing
their phone service due to having a common generator / battery bank at
each exchange.

During blackouts, as the existing home phone doesn't run via the net,
no backup power is needed for the modem.

I would support a system where we have fibre to major cable pits, and
using the existing copper to the home from there in order to optimise

Extra pits or "hubs" could be installed where there currently isnt
access to satisfactory broadband service.

New suburbs or developments could have fibre, CAT 6 or similar high
speed cable installed from the beginning
& others could be refitted as and when the old system becomes
unservicable due to age, or needs major upgrading due to under
capacity etc.

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Re: Malcolm Turnbull : Why the NBN will fail

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