LTE will kill the NBN, just as unicorns are real

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LTE will kill the NBN, just as unicorns are real

Let’s get one thing very, very clear straight away: Any form of over-the-air
mobile broadband is not – in any way – a
replacement for a wired network like the NBN. It’s just not. What it is,
however, is a fantastic piece of complementary
technology that allows consumers and business the chance to expand their
horizons beyond what’s available if you’re
limited to development on a PC chained to desk.

Of course, the idea of having two similar but different technologies existing at
once and providing similar services is
completely beyond the seemingly small minds of those opposing such a situation.
But then, it’s not like we’d expect them
to understand the technical and practical limitations that exist in having this
“one or the other but not both” mindset
– especially when it comes to why mobile just isn’t the answer.

While Telstra’s (and Optus’s … and maybe even Vodafone’s) LTE (4G) mobile
broadband networks will improve bandwidth
within the mobile space compared to what we’re used to (especially for those of
us trying to use our iPhones on Optus
…), it’s not going to come anywhere near improving on the service promised by
the Labor Government in the National
Broadband Network.

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Cheers Don...


Don McKenzie

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