LED lamp vids

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these U-tubes are worth a look.



Each "reviewer" gives their impressions and many details about recently  
available (in the USA) Philips LED bulbs that are a good approximations to  

The 28+ year life claim is rather dubious while the prohibition against use  
in sealed or hot environments needs to be taken seriously.

Wonder when they will show up at Woollies .........

...  Phil  

Re: LED lamp vids
On 30/08/2013 12:10 PM, Phil Allison wrote:
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I wonder whether they're misrepresenting the MTBF as being the average  
life. This bulb appears to be derived from (or is indeed identical to)  
the Ambient Light, which contains electrolytic capacitors. Expecting  
25,000 hours average life seems excessively optimistic.

I note that they're offering a 6 year warranty (based on "up to" 3 hours  
usage per day - does that mean no warranty for any period if you run it  
4 hours a day?). They may be assuming (probably rightly) that few people  
would bother to make a claim even if the bulb failed sooner.


Re: LED lamp vids

"Sylvia Else"
 Phil Allison wrote:
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** The figure is the estimated, continuous life of the LED chips used.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

** Good quality electros will easily do that many hours, as it is less than  
3 years.

    But not if they get too hot.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

 ** CFLs are often used as night lights in buildings and homes, running up  
to 14 hours per day.

 This exceeds the 25,000 hour figure in 5 years, so has to be excluded.

 The 28 years life figure is dubious for many other reasons.

...  Phil

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