LCD monitors LG 194WT and L204WT -- equal price ??

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When the monitors were released one year ago, the price difference
between them was $200. It is understandable, because 204WT provided
good colour because it had a newer LCD matrix developed by LG-Philips
themselves, while 194WT had an older unremarkable matrix manufactured
by AUO. I went to the local shop dealing in whitegoods, and they told
me they ran out of 204WT's (they were so popular), only 194WT's were

LG L194WT (19", 1440 x 900) -- A$400 (US$350)
LG L204WT (20", 1680 x 10500) -- A$600 (US$550)

However, the prices fell dramatically over the past year. Nowdays, you
can buy 194WT in online shop for maybe A$220 (US$180), and 204WT for A
$270 (US$220). I made an Internet search, and here the both models are
offered for A$279 (US$230),

How come, 204WT is the same price as 194WT ? Are they (204WT) not much
better than 194WT ? Or is it because LG made a switch, and now equips
their 204WT with the inferior LCD matrices from Chunghwa (CPT) ?

I am sorry that I rashly bought a 194WT monitor. Should I get rid of
it and get a (presumably) better 204WT ? (I am doing mostly FPS

Re: LCD monitors LG 194WT and L204WT -- equal price ??

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Except for the size they are both comparable in specifications.

Personally I think the 19" will be the best for you because of the
native rez of 1440x900.  Your graphics card would struggle to produce
1680x1050 and decent textures plus decent framerates in recent games (I
believe you have a 7600). Plus at 20" I personally think 1680X1440 is
too small.  I have a 22" Sammy at that rez and it's fine but at 20" I
think you'd have to have pretty good eyesight to read text etc at a
normal distance.  IMHO of course

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