Japan Quake Deals Blow To Electronic Components Sector

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Japan Quake Deals Blow To Electronic Components Sector

Seems the news keeps getting worse. I could have added 50+ stories on this one
subject this morning.

Stories I have found not only relate directly to Japan, but also Japanese owned
companies in Asia, and critical
components supplied in the manufacturing process, of countries such as India and


I am using one of my Fedex boxes as a gauge on how long it may take for a
shipment to get delivered within Japan:

I do have business associates in Tsukuba City, about 100km north east of Tokyo,
but have been able to contact them, and
apart from power problems, they are doing OK.

Here is what they told me in their last message:
"It is very painful to see many people die and destroyed by earthquake and
Tsunami. I am sure, Japan have the courage to
put back in once again !! Thank you so much, again, Don, Kind Regards, Etsuko"


Don McKenzie

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