Interconnecting USB devices

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Hi there, I would like to connect two slave USB devices together to
share information. The GM862-GPS
and the VM110 .

The GM862-GPS is a GPRS communicator with TCP/IP stack on board, and a
Python script interpreter. The VM110 is an interface experiment board.
It can read digital input and send digital output. Effectively it can
be used to control and receive feedback on circuits and what not.

In a nutshell, I would like to have the GM862-GPS control the VM110,
i.e send it commands and receive information/feedback.

This is where I need some advice, the GM862-GPS doesn't have any USB
host support, however it can act as a USB slave device. So what will I
require to have these devices interconnect? I'm assuming some sort of
PIC and a USB host chip? Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

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