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I received 100 PT2258 ICs from Futurlec a couple of weeks ago and just
fitted the first one to my prototype PCB this afternoon.

It ran very hot. I assumed I had made an error with the board design,
but that was not the case. I fitted another IC with the same result. I
discovered that both ICs read about 3 ohms between the Vcc and analog
ground pins. I've now tested 22 of them and 10 of them read less than
60 ohms. The rest are over 30K. Of course, I don't trust any of them.

Looks to me like these have been subjected to a static discharge, and
if so, is a first to me in over 25 years. I have a good anti static
procedure, so am very confident it didn't happen here.

I had small concern when they arrived as the tubes had all been cut in
half and they were not in a metallic bag, but I've had CMOS sent this
way many times in the past (although, not from overseas) without any

Anyway, I've e-mailed Futurlec to see how they handle this, and wonder
if anyone else here has had a similar problem with Futurlec or another

- Mike

Re: ICs from Futurlec

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I've bought quite a lot of ICs and FETS from Futurelec, always wary because
of the price, but so far I've had no problems, although I have probably not
squeezed the chips to their spec limits.

All the best
Ian Macmillan

Re: ICs from Futurlec

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  I ordered 50 LM7555's from them and was supplied a non CMOS low power
version (HA17555). I pointed this out to them and they agreed it was
the case and a supply mistake on their part. I had to buy from Farnell
instead and three months later 50 LM7555's showed up in the mail from

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