Hey Phil, Here's something about CFL recycling

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Following up from your post a little bit back, our local paper "the
Central Coast Express Advocate" ran this article today (19/10/2011)
regarding Gosford council. The article is as follows:

<Start of article>
"Residents can recycle compact fluorescent lamps and household batteries
at Gosford Council landfills.

Until next august residents can drop fluorescent tubes, bulbs, HID,
non-mercury lamps, and alkaline, rechargeable batteries at Woy Woy and
Kincumber landfills, free.

The lights are recycled and components such as glass, aluminium,
phosphor powder and mercury are reused by the glass, steel, dental and
insulation and in agriculture industries in new products.

Household batteries - such as alkaline or rechargeable batteries -
contain valuable products such as steel, zinc, manganese, cadmium,
ferro-nickel alloys and ferro-cobalt alloys.

These are recycled and reused in such new products as light posts, steel
alloys, and batteries.

This program will help provide environmentally responsible disposal
options for fluorescent lights and batteries by conserving valuable

The recycling program will run for a trial period until August, at which
time the success of the program will be evaluated."
<End of article>

I think the recycling will be carried out by a contractor using the
council as a collection point only, as our council can't fix a pothole
in the road properly, let alone recycle heavy metals.

It's possible that this service will spread to other council areas as
time goes by.

Re: Hey Phil, Here's something about CFL recycling

"Art Vanderlay"
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 ** Wow !!

Who woulda expected Gosford council becoming the one to lead the way.

Must be some local recycler trying out new tech in this regard  - to see if
it is an " earner " for him.

Excellent news, but.

...  Phil

Re: Hey Phil, Here's something about CFL recycling
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I'll have a look next time I'm at the tip and see if I can find out who
the recycler is and post it here.

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