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I have a small dash globe (or a group as i want to replace them all at once)
that i'm having trouble locating in the right wattage to properly illuminate
my dials.

They are made by Toshiba, ~6mm diameter capsule, wedge base with a 1A/3watt
power rating.

Its 6mm all the way up, *not* larger (~15mm) around the filament like most
of the globes of a higher wattage i've found. A local globe shop at north
parramatta has got the right size, but only in 1.75W and at maximum
brightness i don't feel they're good enough.

Any hints where i might be able to find something to replace my existing

(P.S Nissan wants $47 each (!!!!!!) for them, not too keen on that price)


Re: Hard to find Globe
Looking closer the diameter may even be as small as 5mm, the batter is dead
in my vernier calipers...

Re: Hard to find Globe
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I would be thinking of hi intensity LED's which would be long lasting
and much cheaper than "genuine" !!

Cheers .............. Rheilly P

Re: Hard to find Globe
Thanks for the suggestion Rheilly.

The trouble with LED's is their "beam". No matter if theyre and inverted
cone diffused type, there is ALWAYS a hot spot and often they don't
illuminate the needles clearly. I was trying to stay away from an LED
conversion on my dash, to do it right, i'd have to dismantle the cluster.

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Re: Hard to find Globe
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Yeah, you're right.
I was thinking of the 'idiot lights; :-)
Rheilly  P

Re: Hard to find Globe

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These guys have always been able to help me:

http://www.lampreplacements.com.au /

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