Halogen Lamp Dodgy ?

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** Hi all,

picked up a 75 watt Haolgen GLS lamp yesterday ( payed $3.95 ) - it died in
a few seconds.

The brand is Crompton Lighting ( H75GLSBCP)  -  made in China of course.

Now that the sale of normal GLS bulbs is banned, only the Halogen types are
legally on sale.

The Crompton lamp did not seem any brighter or whiter than a regular 75 watt
lamp and the filament was particularly loose and wobbly. One tiny bump when
it was on and it blew.

The reason is simple:  Inside the smaller glass envelope, the filament coil
loops up and around a glass support -  but is so loose that the parallel
runs are able to touch each other.

Woollies sell similar lamps under the " essentials " brand and they seem to
be fine and the filament coil is taught.

PLUS  the Woollies is rated at 1150 lumens compared to 950 for the Crompton.

Not happy.

...  Phil

Re: Halogen Lamp Dodgy ?
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Have used about 10 of these bulbs over the last couple of years
(including the woolies ones) and have found that you are lucky to get
a few months life out of them on average.  Compare this to 10+ years
with incandescent bulbs in my home.

If they ran on a lower voltage (thicker and more robust filament) they
might be better.

I avoid them like the plague. They are a blatant ripoff.

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