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Hi all,

I'm looking for around 20 units of a gps module. Has anyone any sources for
good suppliers?

I have seen

which fit the ticket but am looking for the most cost effective way of
getting 20 units. If there are any cheaper units out there, i'm interested.

Also, the above is still a bit power hungry at 70ma which isn't much of a
concern, but is still a factor. Ideas and experiences appreciated.


Re: gps modules

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A cheap way might be to use the popular consumer GPS-USB/RS-232 modules
for PCs. Search for "GPS Mouse" on eBay and you might get them cheap
out of the US or China etc. You might even be able to buy a bulk lot.

Dave :)

Re: gps modules

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I think you'll be lucky to find anything under $100 each landed.  I've
seen Globalstar and Holux USB GPS mouse units recently for around that
price.  I bought a Holux GR-213 from a HK ebay seller, and it's a very
good unit.

Also, for the original poster - around 70mA isn't all that unusual.
Some modules have a kind of sleep mode, though, so depending on exactly
what you want to do, you may be able to get the total power consumption
over time down that way.


Re: gps modules

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Check out Trimble's Lassen IQ model. Agent is either Stepgps (
at Ringwood in Victoria, or Trimble Navigation in Fortitude Valley Queensland.

Re: gps modules

I did some research recently and found that for the quantity your looking at
maybe the GPS mouse variety with serial interface (TTL vs RS-232).

In OZ landed for about $80.00 (US$35 + AU$30.00 freight per unit).  Nice
feature is that the ones I got had magnetic base plus inbuilt antenna (one
had an active antenna).  Negotiate freight as DHL are bloody expensive,
better off using post.

I found the chaps overseas very helpful and the products very good in terms
of performance and quality.

Idea of prices -

 PS-1200 GPS mouse
Sample -- USD 42
100 PCS --USD 32
 1. Term: FOB Taiwan.
 2. Payment: T/T in advance.
 3. Lead time: 3 ~4 weeks after receive T/T payment

 Please don't hesitate to contact me for any further question.

HI-204E was phased out and belows are the rest of items for
sample/100  pcs
FOB Taiwan prices:
HI-204S    US$ 34.00/US$ 30.00
HI-204III    US$ 37.00/US$ 33.00


Good luck.

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Re: gps modules
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 I bought a one-off device similar to what you're describing
here from a bloke in Hornsby, (Sydney, Australia) a while back.
The one I got isn't on his web site now, but that's not to say
that you shouldn't call him up and ask him what he has in
stock - not everything is on the web site.

 Go to < and plug 'GPS' in to the
search box for three possibilities. (The one I got was a lot
like the 'usb' one, but it actually turned out to be serial
with a usb<-->serial adaptor in the box) Cheapest on the web
site is AUD$125, but in my experience the web price isn't the
best price, and I've found him to be very negotiable in
person particularly where quantities are concerned.

 May not be quite as cheap as importing yourself, but there'll
be a lot less pissing about!

 Ask for Dan, tell him Geoff sent you.


Re: gps modules

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I picked up a GPS module from Rockby Electronics last year for $20. It has
TTL Rs232 output and runs on 5V. All you need to do is supply a suitable


Re: gps modules

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Is that 70ma with or without antenna ?

You can buy the laipac modules sparkfun sell from in
Good fast service when I used them.

All depends what you are after.

GPS for pc's , look at  gps mice.

GPS for embedded use or remote mounting - one of the many modules

With the lassen IQ its cheaper to get the modules local
and buy pcb's(or carrier boards) from

Sparkfun may give discounts for quantities , try emailing them.

Are you looking for 5V or 3.3V modules ?

M-Loc , SQ , IQ  all are quite low power

A lot of modules seem to hit approx 120mA with embedded antenna
but get better results but higher power with miniture or larger antenna


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