Free: Roland A3 size DXY-980 Plotter:

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Free: Roland A3 size DXY-980 Plotter:

Free for anyone who wants to pick it up from Tullamarine (Gladstone
Park) 3043.

This is an older A3 size plotter that was around $2,700 when new.
But that was about 15 years ago, and it ran under DOS only.
Has serial RS-232 and Centronics parallel interface.

Includes manual, power supply, pens, and graphics sheets, which were
used for printed circuit board designs. Was working when we moved across
to windows Autotrax software, to do the same job.

Hasn't been used for years, don't know if there are windows drivers.
Pens may have dried up. May not even fire up, your problem. What you see
is what you get.

I feel it is too good to simply junk, may just suit robotic arm
designer/enthusiast. :-)

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direct your email to Don at our support dept.


Don McKenzie

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Re: Free: Roland A3 size DXY-980 Plotter:

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Do not know if this applies to the Roland stuff, but if you are thinking
of using a HPGL driver, somewhere in the upgrade train, some loon in MS
(or was it HP) substituted inkjet drivers for the HPGL pen plotter drivers
in MSwin98. so instead of acting like a pen plotter, these now shuttle
back and forth like an inkjet head. Just a gotcha to be wary of.

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