Four way speakers

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Someone was asking about eti 4000 speakers i have lost the article but have
 found the eti article on four way transmission line speakers. I have also  
found how to build a three way active crossover. The only point of transmis
sion lines is to extend the base frequencies. The best you can achieve is t
o reach the manufactures lowest claims eg 30 hz. A lot of calculations will
 be needed to make it work. The eti article is not correct for transmission
 lines. Anyway if you used the same drivers and say used bass reflex you wo
uld come close to the dame claimed figures. One could use a subwoofer to ge
t clean bottom end. I have been looking at passive radiators they will do a
 similar job to lines. Then i looked at 12" twin cone speakers. To my knowl
edge a combination of dual coan plus passive radiators don't exist. In theo
ry built as a two way speaker should be truely magnificent.tri amped should
 be the way to go. I can supply a set of plans for a 2 or 3 way active cros
sover. Also i have plans for a 100 watt rms mosfet amp. Main drivers would  
not be available for amp look on net for plans. Bottom end would also requi
re an 18" sub to truely lineal.

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