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Re: Found: E book stash.

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well, Adrian,...generally speaking i totally agre with you...and i support
such way of thinking like yours...but...tell me, how do you think i am able
to buy a damn XP OS licence that was/is around 120Euros (or 100 UK pounds)
when i have month salary of 350 flat and bills  (minimum ones)
takes around 150-200 euros a month, a food, underaverage ingridiets (meat
slice maybe once a week) takes at last 150-200euros as, to buy a
simple shoes, pair of jeans or shirt is like a mission impossible if you
idnt plan ti at least 2-3 months in advance to save some extra money for
it...and then, besie that, to have a car is MUST HAVE as well...and i was
driving a car i bought for 600euros...and 1 liter of fuel is 1.5
euros....and safety licence and insurance takes around 400euros a manage just a basic life needs you must be a
economy/financial master to succeed sucessfully manage all the costs  and
minimum needs.....and usually everything is solved with some long term loans
hoping some better days will come ahead....

people here are buying FOOD with damn loan...can you imagine that?!!?...that
even food is payed with loaned money...what means people cant earn enough
just for minimum of daily life, to have a PC is
LUXURY....and to have internet (ADSL 2gbit DL and 256kbit Up) means you own
a world....and to buy a licence for some software like Win would
mean you lost your mind or your parents are relatives of  Donald Trump,
Rockefeller...or somone like that...

of course...things are not so depressive, bad and black....there are many
who can afford themselves all of mentioned above plus vacation at Ibiza at
summer time or ski vacation at winter time....but those are just minority...

there is no middle class anymore...people are low rich, mid rich or sick
rich and all those can afford themselves everythign mentioned and a bit more
....while on other side completely poor and to buy a PC for 200 euros  with
old CRT screen seems like a dream to them...

look for example; i live only 120km or like 70 miles away form sea
side...for last 7 years i cant affrod myself vacation at seaside for even 3
days to stay at coast.....WHY?!?!....simple...coz the prices for some
average apartment is around 50-70 euros a, just 3 days would cost
me half of my month salary....i will need ther eat least 10 euros a day to
eat aprox aprox 25-30euros for fuel there and back (without
driving a lot around) and dont forget i need to spend aprox 150 euros for my
monthly bills and falt no matter where i am....

so, after all this...and this is just a simple example and there are dozens
of more only question is; would you let me use pirat OS and
be able to participate in global communication and development of IT world
and new generation of people.....or you will rather make us all
informatically stupid and undeveloped just coz we cant afford ourselves
licenced software....

you must remember one thing, and that is; the fact your country standard
makes you easier able to buy some software doesnt mean you worth more then
some Indian or Croatian who cant afford it but can use it and understand it
maybe even better then you...(in sense of mentality over reaching the pirat
i am not saying you are the one like that judging...but i have met some like

anyway...i have been hanging with Americans, Canadians, French even UK's for
years and i asure you so the rest of people form this gorup how there is a
lot higher number of people from those countries that are using pirat
materials then the statistical reports are showing...
for example...pirate movies are ordinary thing in USA....i can name 90% of
my friends from states (and i know aprox 100-120 people from states) all
using "torrents" to download movies, this West - East piracy
estimation is just a story for CNN....reality is something completely
different...i am prety sure in that...

or by other words...if prices of software are like 50% of average month
salary of me; 90% of USA citizens would NEVER buy a single
Windwos licence....and MS Office not even in madness :))

hmm..average USA salaray a month around 2005. - 2006. was aprox 1800US$  (in
range of 1400 up to 2200US$ class which takes a majority of USA citizens)
so, now imagine that Win XP licence price was/is 900US$....pffft...entire
USA would be piratized with Win OS...thats not a presumption, but fact...

Re: Found: E book stash.
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why would anyone pirate micro$$$oft when they can use linux/software

nomina rutrum rutrum

Re: Found: E book stash.
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Cultural; the Eastern world values copying and mimicry as a form of
worship. The west defines that as plagurism and increasingly theft as it
seeks to lock up knowledge and charge for access. I don't know which is

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