Faulty caps from WES

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Some weeks ago, I purchased 100 X 470uF 25Volt electros. WES part
number: 470WLR25. Wehn I pulled a couple from the bag, I noticed some
blcak fluid on some of the caps. I eventually found 15 faulty caps. All
were showing leakage from the top of the cap. A phone call to WES
elicited both an excellent response and a truly disturbing response.

Response #1 (from a sales monkey):

"It's ONLY 15 out of 100."

YIKES! I then demanded to speak to a human.

His response:

"Very sorry sir. That batch was faulty. Just throw them out and we will
send a new batch to you today."

If anyone has purchased these caps in the past three months, be careful.
I certainly won't be using any of them. Even the ones that appear to be OK.

Trevor Wilson www.rageaudio.com.au

Re: Faulty caps from WES

"Trevor Wilson"

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**  Jamicon brand  -  sell for 50 cents each plus gst.

     Claimed to be low Z and high ripple.

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** In the cat. it says " Not suitable for audio. "  ???

   Now,  that  * IS *  alarming  !!!!

....   Phil

Re: Faulty caps from WES

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Jamicon's are not suitable for *anything* that has powered applied.

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