Fascia protection for LCD displays

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Is there anything you need to be aware of when obtaining mechanical
protection windows to put in front of LCD displays, eg. polarisation issues
/ glare prevention? Any suggestions on where I can get a small quantity (3
off for 24x2 line displays) of suitable material?

Re: Fascia protection for LCD displays
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2mm thick polycarbonate plastic?

If it's a hobby/prototype project then most any stiff, transparent
plastic will do, depending on your actual durability requirements (eg,
outdoor? vandal proof? scratchproof? handheld or fixed installation? etc).

Yes, polarisation is an issue but you'd be severely unlucky to have
problems with the above...


Re: Fascia protection for LCD displays

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$5 acrylic 6x4" picture frame from your local supermarket or Officeworks.
Cut with a hand saw to avoid overheating. Debur with a sharp file. Polish the
edges using a flame from a butane bbq lighter.

Or put the whole thing inside a clear polycarbonate fishing tackle box. More
expensive, but waterproof.

Spotlight sells thick acrylic in small pieces. Expensive, but looks good.

Cast your own windows using polyester casting resin used for making paper

Cast epoxy is about as tough as anything, if you don't mind the yellow tint.


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