Deliveries from RS Components, Courier's Please

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Usually these things either get stuffed into my letter box, or left on  
my doorstep, but twice recently, the tracking status says that a  
delivery was attempted, but that I was closed ("closed"? It's a private  
residence). No card was left.

On the earlier occasion the item was left on my doorstep the next day,  
without so much as a knock, and I was definitely in when it was  
delivered. It remains to be seen whether the second such package will  
arrive tomorrow.

I rather suspect that no such attempt is being made. Anyone else had  
trouble with Couriers Please?


Re: Deliveries from RS Components, Courier's Please
On 21-Mar-17 1:44 PM, Sylvia Else wrote:
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Usually have no problems. I think any issues come down to the individual  
courier doing the drop off. Some DGAF, some do.

Re: Deliveries from RS Components, Courier's Please
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Mine all come by Toll, although I haven't ordered anything in a little
while. I hope their heven't switched services because "Couriers Please"
(what sort of a name is that?) always drop off their parcels at the
local post office rather than bother to come out to the middle of
nowhere to find me. Maybe that's why I get them by Toll...

Toll actually forward the parcels on to local courrier companies for
deliveries out in the sticks.

As I understand it, the courier officially needs the parcel
to have a note saying that they have "authority to leave" it
without getting a signature. I believe some of my RS parcels
have come with a fluorescent sticker on them to that effect,
but many haven't.

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Re: Deliveries from RS Components, Courier's Please
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I put in an order on 7/4/2017 with stock coming from local and
international warehouses.

The local package arrived from NSW with a Toll Priority sticker
and a clear yellow "No Signature Required" sticker on one corner,
also with the Toll logo on it. It got here on 12/4/17, not Toll's
best performance.

The international package actually did arrive by Couriers Please,
but in the hands of the same sub-contractor who delivers the Toll
packages to me. It arrived on Wednesday (19/4/17), and I had to
sign for it.

The Couriers Please package was a box whereas the Toll one was a
padded bag. In the past I've got boxes sent by Toll. Read into this
what you will.

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