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What would show up on the xray screen with an antistatic bag inside an  
envelope from Greece containing a hall effect doover?
I received it with "opened by customs"on the envelope and a screed  
inside saying that dogs or xray  gave them cause to suspect bio hazards.
(hall effect ignition trigger)nothing to do with my post.

Re: customs and post
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It could've been residue on the outside of the package, perhaps picked up  
when it brushed another package in transit which contained something  

I've had a couple of packages processed by customs in that fashion, both  
from China (one containing mobile 'phones and the other containing  
software), and both with no cause for concern.

Bob Milutinovic

Re: customs and post
On 12/12/2013 9:44 PM, Bob Milutinovic wrote:
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Depending on the density of the metal coating on the antistatic wrapping  
it may block the scan , so as a precaution it gets opened . Simples


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