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Hi I have a 42 inch Panasonic Viera Plasma Tv, I did not clean the screen
for months as I was afraid to damage the screen.
Anyway one day I got a soft cloth and wiped the dust away, it looked
shocking, and I could not get a clean screen.
It left streak marks every where.
Looking at it from straight on looks fine, looking at it from the side
shows up the streak marks and it looks really bad.
I called Panasonic, and they told me not to use anything on the screen or
it will damage the coating.
Just a dry soft cloth.
I told them I tried that, and it still has dust baked on and won't come
They were not much help.

I found my book that came with the TV and they suggest a neutral detergent
1 to 100 on a damp cloth and then wipe it dry.

Ok whats a neutral detergent ?
Or should I buy one of these cleaning kits that Hardly Normal sells ?
I thought I would ask you guys here first, and hope to get some real
Cheers, Anthony

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Re: Cleaning Plasma Screen

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**  Means ordinary liquid detergent -  ie " Sunlight ".

But  ** NOT **  dishwasher detergent,  cos that is full of caustic ans so
highly alkaline.

......  Phil

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