charger lacking a fuse

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My father has one of those Shopriders.  He told me that when he plugged in
the charger, it tripped out the circuit breakers in his house.
So I had a look at the charger. On the side it refers to 2 fuses: 5 A and
15 A. When I opened it up, there is only a 15 A fuse on the 24 V output.
I can not see any fuse on the mains input.
But there are two disc capacitors next to the 230/115 V selector switch
that are blackened, and the PCB track between them has vaporised. So that
was your fuse?
These things cost $180.  At least I can get an equivalent smart charger for $149
and just transplant the XLR connector to it, to get my dad mobile again.

Re: charger lacking a fuse
On 25/05/2014 5:01 PM, wrote:
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Look for a part that looks like this:
  769-3230, on the RS components site.
That's most likely the primary fuse.

The last one I fixed had some pins of the PCB touching the metal of the  
housing. Blows the fuse and maybe more.


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