Can Transformer Hum Sound like a Crackling?

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My Sanyo Combination Microwave EMC 8787B purchased from Target
frequently makes a low crackling just audible noise when it is
not in use but plugged in.  The noise appears to be coming from
the front bottom right hand corner and sounds like something
arcing. The noise stops if the power is turned off at the wall.
The oven otherwise appears to work perfectly.

When I asked Sanyo via their customer support on their website
they said it was transformer hum, normal and safe.  The sound is
coming from where they say the transformer is located but I
would expect transformer hum to be rhythmic with a fairly
constant frequency and volume - the crackling I hear randomly
changes in volume and frequency.  What do you think.  It's only
a few months old and still under warranty so I don't feel
disposed to opening up for further investigation.

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Re: Can Transformer Hum Sound like a Crackling?
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You could try it on a different power circuit away from its current
location to see if it is an issue with power line noise.

Noises when not turned on would be enough inducement for me to take it
back regardless of what the Sanyo representative thinks it is.
Transformer hum is exactly that... a hum at 50 or 60 Hertz depending on
where you are. Crackling does not constitute a hum.

Take it back and say you think it is unsafe and are afraid it might
catch fire. Let them prove to you that it's safe. Don't just take their
word for it over the phone.



Re: Can Transformer Hum Sound like a Crackling?


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** See if the noise changes if the oven is bumped or tapped firmly with the
handle of a screwdriver in that area.

    If it does react, then there is a bad connection or solder joint.

    BTW  the transformer in question is a tiny PCB one - right ?

...  Phil

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