Biasing of LM3900 op amp

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I have a supply of LM3900 single supply quad op-amps and want to use one as
a 3 stage audio band pass filter.

I can not seem to sort out the biasing of the +ve input.

Some application notes show it tied to the positive rail via a 1M to 10M
resistor and other application notes 75 k ohms. Wide variation here!

Can someone please give me some guidance on this?

From what I can gather the usual way of biasing the +ve input to half rail
does not apply to this device.


Re: Biasing of LM3900 op amp

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You'll have to look at the datasheet. This amplifiers are not using a long
tailed pair but some kind of current mirror for the inputs. The datasheet -
at least the one from Motorola I use - describes extensively the whys and
hows of biasing.

petrus bitbyter

Re: Biasing of LM3900 op amp

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Have you looked at the data sheet yet? ... plenty of description and
examples there

Quoting: 'Operation of this amplifier can be best understood by noticing
that input currents are differenced at the inverting-input terminal and this
difference current then flows through the external feedback resistor to
produce the output voltage'. etc.  It's all there.


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