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Trevor Tosspot's Porky List

 *I have a friend who can STOP his heart

*Their is ample evidence to support the fact that possession of an
inanimate object is capable of altering a cognitive persons intent

*The FBI-UCR for the years 1976-86 are available on the FBI web-site

*My local library has Lott's work in the fiction section

*20% of Australian homes possess firearms

*I only deal in facts

*The firearms related murder rate in the US is 10,000,000 PA.

*gun licences back in the 1920s led to a drop in the murder rate,

 *How the British 1903 Pistol Act was enacted and enforced in
 Australia prior to Federation.

*How an audit of Government owned arms at Sydney Cove in 1796 was a
gun control law

Now we have

On Jun 18, 12:54 pm, "Trevor Wilson"

 **Yes. Easily. Across the US, each year, there are hundreds of 'gun
shows'. At these 'gun shows' dealers, posing as private citizens sell
thousands of guns to criminals. They can do so, because there are
virtually zero restrictions on the sale of 'second hand' guns. Even if
that gun has only been 'second hand' for a couple of minutes and has
never been fired.

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