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Basic Electronics

These groups are the best place to ask your basic electronics beginner questions or help other people just starting out with electronics

Hobby Electronics Basics

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Solid tinned wire meets circuit board

by AK
Try not to laugh too hard. I think I may need a video on how to connect components on a board. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8iuqo9iu0em42d5/first2.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/kuqpwpxxl24b6zc/f... read more »

Electronic Components

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Long shot: operating high power laser modules in vacuum

by jrcgarry
Dudes of all flavours; I have an itch: I wish to run a 10W laser module in a vacuum chamber (UHV: 10^-6mbar or so). Anyone got any direct experience of the 'fun' in keeping the diode cool? And any... read more »

Electronics Down Under

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LED lightbulb life

by RMD
Hi All, I never cared for the CFL bulbs with the slow starting, and I much preferred the LED lights which were intstant on. The life of of LED bulbs is sometimes quoted on packaging as 50,000 hou... read more »

Electronics Equipment

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Manual for TS165A

by Paul Hovnanian P.E.
Serial port tester, made by Black Box. The Googles, they do nothing. -- Paul Hovnanian mailto:Paul@Hovnanian.com ------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't use... read more »

General Electronics

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IBM Selectric typewriter

by Jon G.
I have two cycle wheels for the IBM Selectric typewriter. read more »

Advanced Electronics

These forums contain more advanced topics which are most suitable for people with some experience in electronics. Start a dicussion here if your topic is not basic and does not fit into another, more specific category

Electronics Computer-Aided Design

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Numerical Methods for Engineers , By Chapra and canale , 5th...

by trustsolutionsteam
trustsolutionsteam@hotmail.com t r u s t s o l u t i o n s t e a m @ h o t m a i l . c o m trustsolutionsteam(at)hotmail.com We're a team found for providing solution manuals to help students i... read more »

Electronics Design

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light leakage through loose threads, teflon tape

by Winfield Hill
We used teflon tape to solve a problem with light leakage, through loose threads, in a Thor Labs 2 optical tube. Comments or suggestions? -- Thanks, - Win read more »

Electronics Repair

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Google keeps a log of all your electronic parts, brakes, too...

by Arlen G. Holder
Do you know how to turn _off_ (or pause in Google parlance) this seemingly long-term and apparently permanent receipt scanning of your Google email? If you're not aware of what's going on, I post ... read more »

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays

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Problem in ADV7611 with Interlace Input

by Swapnil Patil
Hello folks, We are developing demo Aplication for HDMI input and output. for this we are using PicoZed 7030 board with FMC HDMI daughter card. the daughter card consist of Adv7611 as HDMI receiver... read more »


These forums contain discussions about microcontrollers, their application and programming with topics ranging from LED blinking to embedded operating systems.

Embedded Programming

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Static JSON parser for embedded

by pozz
Maybe in this group someone could be interested. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/comp.lang.c/6QtD5xZQhPU read more »

Embedded Linux

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Industrial IoT Latest Technology Research, Top Players with ...

by akashkale772
Free Get Sample Copy - https://tinyurl.com/yb86uuzx Internet of Things (IoT) has brought everything connected through internet. This connected network offers new opportunities to enhance operatio... read more »

Microcontroller Discussions

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Soft-UART, a different approach

by Josef Moellers
Hi, I need a soft-UART in an ATmega168PA which has to perform a few other duties (eg reading DS1820s) in parallel. I know of the two approaches: * wait for the falling edge at the start bit, then... read more »

Raspberry Pi Group

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Strange wifi performance (copying files to/from Windows 7 vi...

by NY
I've seen some odd data transfer rates when copying large files between a Windows 7 PC and a Pi, over an SMB share. Instead of a fairly constant speed, sometimes/usually I got a rate which varied... read more »

International Electronics (BETA)

We provide access to electronics newsgroups in languages other than English. Due to heavy use of technical and scientific terms, these discussions are relatively easy to translate to the language of your choice. Please only post using the particular language of the forum. Please note: support of groups in languages other than English is still in BETA. Some features, such as post and reply for example, are not currently working in the international forums

Electronics (German)

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Störsicherheit von 3.3V Raspi-Eingängen

Hallo Gemeinde, freundlichen Chinesen in Shenzen gibt es dem Anlass angemessene optische Luft und Wasser ausgenutzt wird. Im Prinzip ein etwas exotischer Optokoppler: IR-LED beleuchtet passende Op... read more »

Electronics (Spanish)

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Combinaciones R-S-T para motores trifasicos

buenas tardes, la consulta es la siguiente si tenemos 6 combinaciones de R-S-T: R-S-T R-T-S S-R-T S-T-R T-S-R T-R-S Ademas de la primera que me dara sentido horario, cuales me daran el giro an... read more »

Electronics (French)

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un pont de diode douteux peut-il perturber la valeur de sort...

un pont de diode (GSIB) douteux peut-il perturber la valeur de sortie ? A l'ohmmetre sur les pattes de sortie Sur celui qui est HS j'ai 30 k? et sur un autre j'ai 7 k? signifier voltage insuffisa... read more »

Electronics (Croatian)

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Makrai ME.55-14/4ASW-PKI

Pozdrav! Kupio sam novo napajanje ME.55-14/4ASW-PKI I imam 2 pitanja vezana uz to UPS napajanje. Prvo, zasto kada je ukljuceno u mrezu I optereceno (za potrebe testiranja je spojena zarulja 12v... read more »

Electronics (Dutch)

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Re: vraag over transistor relais

Bij een MOSFET heb je geen weerstand nodig, want die wordt aangestuurd met SPANNING. Een transistor of darlington wordt aangestuurd met STROOM. Dan heb je dus een weerstand nodig. De uitgang van ... read more »

Electronics (Polish)

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[Warszawa] Zlot / złaz p.m.e, sobota, 18:00

Hej, zainteresowania, ale kto wie... to opornik w klapie (niekoniecznie 5W) ;) -- Eksperymentalnie: http://facebook.com/groups/pl.misc.elektronika read more »

Electronics (Swedish)

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Få din kredit på 48 timmar.

Du har blivit nekad av banken eftersom din kredit inte uppfyller deras stan ?r. E-post: bmmemonnet@gmail.com read more »

Electronics (Danish)

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Cicuit Diagram for JOSTY KIT HF65 - FM Tramsmitter

Hi there!Does anybody know or have a circuit diagram for a 1 Watt FM transmitter, which is the size of a matchbox and runs of a 9V battery. Thanks Simon. read more »

PCAD Forum (Russian)

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Где Оркад хранит дефолтные соотв...

Hello All! AZ> Давно хотел узнать, но было не особенно актуально, а вот сегодня, что AZ> называется, нарвался. Добавил в схему диод, в схематике у него выводы AZ> обозначены 1 и 2, а когда Лэйаут ... read more »

Electronic Circuits (Russian)

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http://pics.rsh.ru/img/E1_tl2eoomh.jpg read more »

Electronics Hobby (Italian)

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Problema circuito resistenze ?

Immaginate questa figura https://www.electroyou.it/lezioni/PonteW_file/image001.gif con fem della pila = 200 V ( resistenza interna zero) R1= 200 ohm ; V1 = 150 V R2= 400 ohm; i2 = 0,420 A R... read more »