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Basic Electronics

These groups are the best place to ask your basic electronics beginner questions or help other people just starting out with electronics

Hobby Electronics Basics

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Handling HSpice Files

by Jim Thompson
HSpice2PSpiceNewEdit.pdf, on the Simulation Tools & Macros Page of my website, has been updated with some new library format information. While the title says PSpice, the techniques apply to all Be... read more »

Electronic Components

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Source for graphic display

by Mike Cook
Looking for LCD graphic display approximately 6 inches by 1.5 inches (150 mm by 30 mm). High-resolution not required; I'm apparently limited by my size requirements. I don't see anything more t... read more »

Electronics Down Under

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PIC24 USB suspend current

by Sylvia Else
I've posted this on a Microchip forum, but I thought I'd see whether anyone here knows the answer. I'm using a PIC24FJ64GB004 family MCU. Is there any way of getting this MCU to consume no more t... read more »

Electronics Equipment

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WTB: AB-21/GR, AB-22, AB-23, and AB-24/GR Antenna Sections

by NE8S
Looking for anyone who may have some Military Surplus Antenna Sections or Elements for the Field Ground Plane Antenna Kit AT-292/PRC or the RC-292/MP-68. There are four different antenna section... read more »

General Electronics

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Current mirror

by Patrick Chung
Current mirror is inevitable part of input stage of operational amplifiers. Current mirror behaves almost as perfect current source in small current signals application and it has excellent character... read more »

Advanced Electronics

These forums contain more advanced topics which are most suitable for people with some experience in electronics. Start a dicussion here if your topic is not basic and does not fit into another, more specific category

Electronics Computer-Aided Design

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by Pratik Shirore
Hello Everyone I am doing research on FINFET and I am looking for library's in LTspice,Any library relented to any FINFET please help. Thanks In advance Pratik S read more »

Electronics Design

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"engineers should embrace the role of the arts"

by John Larkin
http://www.bbc.com/news/education-30136921 That's backwards. Artists should embrace the role of engineering. -- John Larkin Highland Technology, Inc picosecond timing laser drivers and... read more »

Electronics Repair

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Need source for ceramic Insulator for old Signature waffle i...

by Bill
A ceramic insulator that supports the heating element in our old waffle iron broke. Any ideas? read more »

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays

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What would you say is the best board to buy

by Julian Gardner
Im looking at a hardware project which will be a DVB-CSA descrambler. Idea is a pci-e board with an FPGA, any body know of a nice development board that i can buy off the shelf, which will take in... read more »


These forums contain discussions about microcontrollers, their application and programming with topics ranging from LED blinking to embedded operating systems.

Embedded Programming

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framing strategy for STDM

by alb
Hi everyone, after evaluating several approaches to schedule activities on a commonly shared bus (see and ) I finally landed in a comfortably deterministic solution, i.e. Synchronous Time Div... read more »

Embedded Linux

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Need Oracle HCM Functional Test Lead

by Rohan Tekwissen
Hi, Hope you are doing great, Please find the requirement below and let me know if you have any consultant for that, Title : Oracle HCM Functional Test Lead (Compensation & Workbench) Location... read more »

Microcontroller Discussions

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Microchip Forums upgrade borked

by Ian Malcolm
Well its been about 24 hours now and the upgraded forum is still unusable http://www.microchip.com/forums/ Without a usable forum, Microchip are just another manufacturere with a crappy website .... read more »

Raspberry Pi Group

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Sound on a B+

by LP
Hi all I'm having a few problems with the audio on my B+ running the minimal raspbian images from http://www.linuxsystems.it/raspbian-wheezy-armhf-raspberry-pi-minimal-image/ Relevant distro/kern... read more »

International Electronics (BETA)

We provide access to electronics newsgroups in languages other than English. Due to heavy use of technical and scientific terms, these discussions are relatively easy to translate to the language of your choice. Please only post using the particular language of the forum. Please note: support of groups in languages other than English is still in BETA. Some features, such as post and reply for example, are not currently working in the international forums

Electronics (German)

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Ladegerät gesucht!

Hi, USB-Ausgang bis zu 2 A liefert. So weit, so gut. Suchbegriffe verwendet habe. Kann mich jemand von Euch auf die Reinhard read more »

Electronics (Spanish)

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Reparando el monitor

El monitor de mi PC de sobremesa llevaba unas semanas haciendo el lo abres, se queda colgando de los cables... https://www.dropbox.com/s/3avg4432sn2vl9m/IMAG1931.jpg?dl=0 hasta ha ganado brillo! ... read more »

Electronics (Croatian)

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Perilica Rublja Gorenje W7223

Posjedujem ovu perilicu 1,5 godinu i sad se javlja problem da nakon pranja koje traje jako dugo cca;3-3,5 h jos moram cekati 1/2h-1h vremena da se uopce mogu otvoriti vrata tj elektricna zastita koja... read more »

Electronics (Dutch)

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silabs FM chip 4709

Ik heb hier een telefoon met zo'n chip op: (mag weg) http://www.silabs.com/products/audio/fmreceivers/pages/si470809.aspx Jammer genoeg, ik zou s zo'n tuner willen met deze chip, ter vgl, een tecs... read more »

Electronics (Polish)

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oscyloskop z rejestracją przebiegu

marne, i z uwagi na przenoszenie takiej karty, i na problem z poziomami, ten SDS7102. No takie marzenie mam :) Co wy na to ? read more »

Electronics (Swedish)

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En fundering över 'Donald Cook' och högteknologi

internationellt vatten i Svarta havet. Det har kommit uppgifter om att riskera livet. http://sdelanounas.ru/index.php?module=Blogs&action=View&id=48815 read more »

Electronics (Danish)

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Ebay eksperter

Item location: Berlin, Germany Business seller information siger Kina? Problemet drejer sig om told, moms osv. Karl Erik. read more »

Microcontrollers (Russian)

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(fido7.)su.hardw.other http://crutch.fatal.ru/?s=ru_embedded read more »

Electronic Circuits (Russian)

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вспоминая прошлое

Hello All! -- -- Sasha http://dr-shost.com http://shostatsky.narod.ru [Team OS/2][Team EDSMO] read more »

Electronics Hobby (Italian)

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[MANIFESTO] it.hobby.elettronica

In fondo a questo articolo, inviato automaticamente ogni mese, troverai il manifesto di questo newsgroup (it.hobby.elettronica). . Tieni presente che esistono anche questi newsgroup it.test ... read more »