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Basic Electronics

These groups are the best place to ask your basic electronics beginner questions or help other people just starting out with electronics

Hobby Electronics Basics

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Ping: Robert Macy

by Jim Thompson
Did you survive the flooding in New River? Out here in the East Valley all we got was a nice day-long steady rain. ...Jim Thompson -- ... read more »

Electronic Components

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Can anyone identify this mystery photo-interrupter?

by <Use-Author-Supplied-Address-Header
Dear All, Can anyone identify this http://www.mklab.rhul.ac.uk/~tom/photointerrupter mystery photo-interrupter for me? It comes from a custom laboratory instrument made at a German universi... read more »

Electronics Down Under

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Bonkers GPS

by F Murtz
Is it possible for satelites to go bonkers for a while on a fairly fine day? All this afternoon my GPS went up and down in speed registration and zero speed for lengths of time, put me on totally ... read more »

Electronics Equipment

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Re: Securing TE to the bench?

by Don Y
How determined an adversary are you trying to protect against? How much defacing of the equipment are YOU willing to undertake? read more »

General Electronics

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How to disassemble this rice cooker?

by Bob E.
I suspect it's just a thermal fuse gone. But I can't for the life of me get it open. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16896112070 It seems that the bottom must come off first.... read more »

Advanced Electronics

These forums contain more advanced topics which are most suitable for people with some experience in electronics. Start a dicussion here if your topic is not basic and does not fit into another, more specific category

Electronics Computer-Aided Design

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99SE how to close the paste mask over a pad (fiducial)?

by DTJ
I can't for the life of me find how to close the *paste* mask over a pad so the finished pad is not tinned during manufacture. Checking the pad properties there is an (advanced) option for paste m... read more »

Electronics Design

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Re: Free MultiSim

by Jan Panteltje
On a sunny day (Wed, 20 Aug 2014 15:12:21 -0400) it happened Neon John But it requires you to buy microsoft bloatware. So that is a nono. read more »

Electronics Repair

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Does an iPad or high power Android phone *need* a USB 3.0 ex...

by Avraham Bernholz
I wanted to extend the length of my charging cables. So, I bought these USB 2.0 extension cables from Frys: http://oi57.tinypic.com/30iamj5.jpg When I got home, I realized that *maybe* USB 2.0 ext... read more »

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays

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calculations of logic vectors and constant

by itay
what is the prefered option of arithmetic operations using logic vectors and constant? convert logic vector to integer and do the operation or to convert the constant to logic vector? I have samp... read more »


These forums contain discussions about microcontrollers, their application and programming with topics ranging from LED blinking to embedded operating systems.

Embedded Programming

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Stupid sizes for AVR datasheets

by Simon Clubley
Has anyone else noticed the AVR datasheets increasing to stupid sizes over the years ? Just bought some ATMega328P MCUs, went to download the datasheet and noticed it was ~35 Mbytes in size. Chec... read more »

Embedded Linux

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Beagle Bone / Debian ADC Driver?

by Randy Yates
Hi Folks, I need to sample multiple input lines on the BBB (rev. c) ADC peripheral at a relatively low rate, perhaps 1 kHz, and do some simple filtering and detection. Is there a kernel mode driv... read more »

Microcontroller Discussions

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Microchip Forums upgrade borked

by Ian Malcolm
Well its been about 24 hours now and the upgraded forum is still unusable http://www.microchip.com/forums/ Without a usable forum, Microchip are just another manufacturere with a crappy website .... read more »

Raspberry Pi Group

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RPi-set, what Linux version on the Micro SD card?

by Jos
Hi all, I'm new in this newsgroup and I have just started with this Raspberry PI set: http://sossolutions.nl/setjes/9324768-raspberry-pi-type-b-version-20.html Now I wonder what Linux version is... read more »

International Electronics (BETA)

We provide access to electronics newsgroups in languages other than English. Due to heavy use of technical and scientific terms, these discussions are relatively easy to translate to the language of your choice. Please only post using the particular language of the forum. Please note: support of groups in languages other than English is still in BETA. Some features, such as post and reply for example, are not currently working in the international forums

Electronics (German)

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AVR ISP mkII funktioniert nicht mehr

Hallo Gruppe, habe hier einen AVRISP mkII: https://www.olimex.com/Products/AVR/Programmers/AVR-ISP-MK2/ der bisher wunderbar am ICSP als auch PDI funktioniert hat. Jetzt wollte ich heute einen AT... read more »

Electronics (Spanish)

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ayuda con analisis de un transistor de potencia

muy buenos dias intengrantes del foro, me gustaria un poco de asesoria con una investigacion que nos dejaron en la U. inicialmente entramos a la elect ronica pero con ejemplos numericos, ahora nos... read more »

Electronics (Croatian)

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Preporuka za povećalo

Pozdrav http://www.dx.com/p/glasses-type-20x-magnifier-with-white-led-light-2-x-cr1620-116296 ? thnx read more »

Electronics (Dutch)

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audio opto-coupler schema

Ik heb een optische audio verbinding nodig van een mengversterker naar een computer. De beide apparaten mogen niet galvanisch verbonden zijn. Dus met een opto-coupler. Het deel aan de kant van de... read more »

Electronics (Swedish)

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En fundering över 'Donald Cook' och högteknologi

internationellt vatten i Svarta havet. Det har kommit uppgifter om att riskera livet. http://sdelanounas.ru/index.php?module=Blogs&action=View&id=48815 read more »

Microcontrollers (Russian)

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(fido7.)su.hardw.other http://crutch.fatal.ru/?s=ru_embedded read more »

Electronics Hobby (Italian)

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Inverter da 50W/1 inch cube = 1M$ !!! ma...non per tutti...

Ecco qua l'apoteosi del mondo social/sharing/app che non riesco proprio a comprendere... https://www.littleboxchallenge.com/ insomma...basta mettere sul piatto i dollaroni e anche la termodinamica... read more »