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Basic Electronics

These groups are the best place to ask your basic electronics beginner questions or help other people just starting out with electronics

Hobby Electronics Basics

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Servo motor recommendation sought

by D.M. Procida
For my plotter project I have experimented with a variety of different servo motors. Very cheap analog micro servos work very well (I have been using Tower Pro SG90s), as you can see from the ima... read more »

Electronic Components

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Looking for old Oak Industries catalog - around 1973

by John Robertson
Anyone have a collection of Oak Industry parts catalogues or old style switches? I am trying to find the part number for a switch used in the early 70s to enable me to possibly track some or thes... read more »

Electronics Down Under

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Oatley Electronics Q

by Phil Allison
Hi, anyone got a schem for the Oatley Electronics Glo Plug Driver published in Silicon Chip in March 2000 ? Bugger about the US archive being bluffed out of carrying this old stuff. If you do, ... read more »

Electronics Equipment

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Canon bubble-jet printer revisited

by Robert Baer
OK; what Canon bubble-jet printers are available that connect either serial or (preferred) parallel? Thanks. PS: i only care about black, as color i almost never need,and color has nev... read more »

General Electronics

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IBM Selectric typewriter

by Jon G.
I have two cycle wheels for the IBM Selectric typewriter. read more »

Advanced Electronics

These forums contain more advanced topics which are most suitable for people with some experience in electronics. Start a dicussion here if your topic is not basic and does not fit into another, more specific category

Electronics Computer-Aided Design

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Wind, solar, storage and back-up system designer

by Scottish Scientist
Wind, solar, storage and back-up system designer for 100% renewable energy grids and microgrids with 24/7/52 power-on-demand! http://scottish.scienceontheweb.net/Wind%20power%20storage%20back-up%2... read more »

Electronics Design

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AGP30, issues with CO2 VOC sensor

by Winfield Hill
Has anyone here used the Sensirion AGP30, a tiny I2C sensor for CO2 and VOC gases? It takes about 60mA to heat a hot plate, and it needs at least 15 seconds to start reading data. But ours ... read more »

Electronics Repair

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Kind of a generic electrolytic cap question

by etpm
One of my CNC machines has a circuit board that has failed 3 times now. The control is a FANUC 3T. It is an older control so failing boards don't surprise me. But it is just the one board. This ... read more »

Field-Programmable Gate Arrays

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Gowin Semiconductor, Real or Fake?

by Rick C
series. in the form it tells me I haven't filled in everything. Their chat is dow n. I give up. Curses ! I was hoping it was just me. I'm starting to wonder if they are a real company or not.... read more »


These forums contain discussions about microcontrollers, their application and programming with topics ranging from LED blinking to embedded operating systems.

Embedded Programming

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workaround for encrypted device tree in Nvidia Jetson Nano

by wzab01
Hi, I had to develop a system based on Nvidia Jetson Nano board, which required compilation of my own drivers and modification of original device tree. Unfortunately, it appeared that the original ... read more »

Embedded Linux

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Industrial IoT Latest Technology Research, Top Players with ...

by akashkale772
Free Get Sample Copy - https://tinyurl.com/yb86uuzx Internet of Things (IoT) has brought everything connected through internet. This connected network offers new opportunities to enhance operatio... read more »

Microcontroller Discussions

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ATMega ports / features - clarification

by Dan Purgert
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 I'm about on the brink of expanding past the point of self-contained widgets, and into using SPI / I2C / general serial over U(S)ART. Just to make ... read more »

Raspberry Pi Group

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Optional features?

by Areligious Republican
Reading through Intel's manual of the ARM64 architecture (all 6666 pages of it!) it seems that some things are implementation defined. So, in the case of the RPi4 what optional features are not i... read more »

International Electronics (BETA)

We provide access to electronics newsgroups in languages other than English. Due to heavy use of technical and scientific terms, these discussions are relatively easy to translate to the language of your choice. Please only post using the particular language of the forum. Please note: support of groups in languages other than English is still in BETA. Some features, such as post and reply for example, are not currently working in the international forums

Electronics (German)

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Sind die Russen schon vom Netz abgehängt?

Derzeit habe ich nur mehr St. Petersburg und Moskau als Kontakt mit einer US-Datenbank (WSPR) aber alle anderen sind nicht mehr mit dem Netz verbunden. Einmal hatte ich Nizny Novgorod. GL -- Pa... read more »

Electronics (Spanish)

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Necesitas fondos para tus proyectos

?stamo personal para consumo. Le permite tener una suma de 3000 ? a 500 000 ? utilizable a su conveniencia para financiar sus proyec read more »

Electronics (French)

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Temps développement

parmi vous, je sais qu'il y a de nombreux professionnels travaillant dans l Ainsi, sans rentrer dans vos secrets professionnels, j'aimerais connaitre u Par ex: - routage - dossier d'industrialisa... read more »

Electronics (Croatian)

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Weller WHS 40 zamjena vrha - ideje?

Imam staru Weller WHS 40 lemnu stanicu, i nakon 20ak godina potrosio sam prvi vrh :) Isti se drzi sa nekim sarafom koji ne izgleda da ce se bas veselo htjeti odsarafiti. ( fotka na https://electron... read more »

Electronics (Dutch)

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[CHARTER] handvest nl.hobby.elektronica [maandelijks bericht...

nl.hobby.elektronica - De elektronica als hobby. CHARTER: nl.hobby.elektronica nl.hobby.elektronica is een ongemodereerde nieuwsgroep voor de elektronicahobbyist. Discussies over de theoretische ... read more »

Electronics (Polish)

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Zgadnij kotku co to jest :)

https://joemonster.org/art/48431/Zagadka_dnia_Co_to_jest_LIII -- Janusz read more »

Electronics (Swedish)

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Få din kredit på 48 timmar.

Du har blivit nekad av banken eftersom din kredit inte uppfyller deras stan ?r. E-post: bmmemonnet@gmail.com read more »

Electronics (Danish)

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Cicuit Diagram for JOSTY KIT HF65 - FM Tramsmitter

Hi there!Does anybody know or have a circuit diagram for a 1 Watt FM transmitter, which is the size of a matchbox and runs of a 9V battery. Thanks Simon. read more »

Microcontrollers (Russian)

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(fido7.)su.hardw.other read more »

PCAD Forum (Russian)

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Где Оркад хранит дефолтные соотв...

Hello All! AZ> Давно хотел узнать, но было не особенно актуально, а вот сегодня, что AZ> называется, нарвался. Добавил в схему диод, в схематике у него выводы AZ> обозначены 1 и 2, а когда Лэйаут ... read more »

Electronics Hobby (Italian)

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Vendita oscilloscopio

un 20 MHz a doppia traccia, che ormai giace come sopramobile inutilizzato da parecchi anni. Per meglio comunicare/dimostrare il perfetto stato dal punto di vista della qualche foto alle tracce v... read more »